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Within this section you will find an assortment of items reflecting the diversity of services which we can offer you.

If you have any queries about your own personal requirements that are not answered here, please contact us for our advice


Whether you are looking to connect a few PCs together on a small office LAN, want to add extra outlets to your existing network, or require an integrated system to utilize both Voice and Data, PE Comms has the solution you need.

From concept to completion you can rest assured that we will provide you a best-quality, 15 year-warranted installation and excellent pre- and after-sales service, all giving you the peace of mind that you are in more than capable hands.

Our engineers have over ten years of experience using many different cabling systems, Krone, Avaya, Brand-rex and Molex to name just a few. We are also proud to be holders of the Connectix Approved Installer Award, allowing us to offer excellent networking solutions at affordable costs using the Connectix Brand Cabling system.

Our project managers will assess your IT cabling infrastructure and evaluate the best solution for your company.


Category 5e

Category 5e, which now seems to be the industry standard has been specially designed to cope with the new Gigabit Ethernet technologies. This uses all four pairs of the cable, equally dividing the signal into four parts for transmission. Although not common at the desktop yet, having a Category 5e cabling system will provide a reliable 100MHz connection with stricter performance requirements than its predecessor Category 5, and also you to change to a Gigabit Ethernet system without the added expense of upgrading your existing cabling systems.

Leading companies and local authorities are already installing the recently ratified Category 6.


Category 6

Category 6 is now becoming more common at the desk top and offers 200MHz of bandwidth. This can be critical to users who rely on speed. It is subjected to a higher level of testing to ensure that the cable will fully support all of today’s technologies as well as supporting Gigabit Ethernet’s requirements and more.

If you have a Category 6 cabling system installed you won’t need to upgrade your system for at least 8 to 10 years, a very comforting thought for the I.T. manager who has a tight budget



The “daisy chained” 75 ohm co-axial cabling LAN was the preferred cabling of the early nineties, but has slowly been replaced with UTP cabling.

However there are a large number of businesses out there who still have this cabling, and struggle to find people with the experience and expertise to fulfil their cabling requirements. Our engineers have been in the industry for over 10 years and have an excellent knowledge of I.T. cabling, past and present. We can assess your existing LAN and discuss possibilities for alterations / additions.



This is an essential part of any I.T. cabling network. It is critical to ensure the correct back-bone cabling is used to allow full bandwidth availability at the desktop. Many users who have a 100MHz cabling system, with a 100MHz back bone will most likely only achieve 10 MHz at the desktop. Having the correct back-bone cabling will allow a full 100Mhz at the desktop.


The most common back bone allows users high-bandwidth, at an affordable cost. Industry standards imply a length limit of 220m to allow 160MHz of bandwidth, but today’s cabling manufactures are producing fibre cable with ever increasing performances. Commonly 62.5


Where the limitations of multi-mode appear single-mode is there to give the performance you need. Extensively used to cover large distances single-mode supports Gigabit data rates and a higher bandwidth.

All aspects of fibre cabling installation are taken with the greatest of care to ensure that correct bend-radii are observed, the fibre runs straight and true, and is protected from damage.



We can integrate your existing UTP/STP cabling network with your phone system to enable complete control over handset and extension number locations.

By providing a voice tie cable from your switch to the wiring cabinet you can easily move, connect, disconnect and add voice extensions to any location in your office where UTP/STP outlets are. By combining two systems together, the costly expense in getting your phone provider to move phone lines, can be done away with. A simple connection change is all that is needed, allowing you the freedom to control your office layout, without the hassle and expense of bringing in any outside companies.


Do you have Networking equipment that requires upgrading or relocating? Or possibly need a Technician to assist in an ongoing moves programme and donít want the expense or inconvenience of hiring temporary staff, then PE Comms has the solution.

Do you have Networking equipment that requires upgrading or relocating? Or possibly need a Technician to assist in an ongoing moves programme and donít want the expense or inconvenience of hiring temporary staff, then PE Comms has the solution.

Let us, the professionals in this field, take the strain.

Other Services

Not just after a cabling company?

Our expertise can also be used in many other areas. Whether you want to use our Comms room design/build service, maybe need further air-con for an existing Server room or even want to add UPS safety to your File Servers, then PE Comms can help.

Our project managers will help you make the right choice. We pride ourselves in our diversity, so you can rest assured you have made the right decision to contact us. No matter what you require for your system, PE Comms is The Network King.

Call us, we are ready to help.

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